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Why Do We have Chapel?

Chapel services have a transformative impact on students at every stage of their education. From building a foundation of faith in elementary students to building a biblical compass for middle schoolers and preparing high school students for adulthood, these services play a pivotal role in nurturing their spiritual growth and shaping their character. At TBCA the influence of chapel services extends far beyond the school years, empowering students to become compassionate, principled individuals with a profound understanding of their faith in Christ and a strong commitment to serving others.

VPK & Elementary Chapel

If you've ever been in a church service with a preschooler or young child, you know it can be hard to get them to be still, much less concentrate on what's being said. However, here at TBCA we create an engaging and welcoming environment for you young children. These services provide a nurturing atmosphere for young minds to develop a solid foundation of faith and Biblical truth. Through engaging and age-appropriate teachings, children learn about the love of God, biblical stories, and the significance of compassion and kindness towards others. As they participate in worship and prayer, these services encourage a sense of wonder and curiosity about their faith, laying the groundwork for a lifelong spiritual journey.

Middle School Chapel

For middle school students, chapel services play a crucial role in shaping their spiritual and emotional development. Amid the challenges of adolescence, these services offer guidance and a sense of stability, anchoring students' lives in a biblical framework. Chapel becomes a space where they can deepen their understanding of the gospel, grapple with life's questions, and find solace in times of uncertainty. The messages shared during these services resonate with their growing maturity, encouraging critical thinking, empathy, and a commitment to serving others. The strong sense of fellowship within the school community helps middle schoolers forge lasting connections and build a support network, fostering a well-rounded character that extends beyond academics.

High School Chapel

For high school students, our chapel services take on a more profound and personal meaning. As they approach adulthood, these services become a source of spiritual grounding, helping them navigate complex moral dilemmas and ethical choices. The deep theological discussions and engaging worship experiences challenge their beliefs and encourage personal reflection, allowing them to make faith their own. Chapel services also prepare them to face the broader world, equipping them with strong, biblical values and a sense of purpose and calling that extends beyond their academic pursuits. These services often serve as a rallying point for the student body, uniting them in a shared commitment to live out their faith in their daily lives and positively impact the world around them.

And sometimes surprise guests join us too…

Coach Tony Dungy came to speak for a TBCA Chapel Service.