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Since high school is the last stop before the "real world," it's imperative to choose the right one. The Leadership Academy at Tampa Bay Christian Academy is perfect for families looking for a private high school in Tampa, FL, who want their children to think critically, lead biblically, and be prepared for whatever their future may hold.


The Leadership Academy exists to prepare every student for their “next steps” in life, be it college, the military, vocational training, or a career. This preparation takes the form of character development, discipline, and the ability to take responsibility. Our leadership focus empowers students to learn to lead themselves and others. They will learn critical-thinking, communication, ethical decision making, worldview discernment, and personal and social responsibility that will give them the skills to lead themselves and prepare them to take on meaningful leadership in our community.


Our private high school has an incredible faculty with a higher percentage of graduate degrees that any other private high school in Tampa. Eighty-nine percent of our Leadership Academy faculty have achieved a graduate degree, with thirty percent having a doctorate. Our small student to teacher ratio and programs mean your student will have direct access to brilliant scholars in their disciplines. Many of our teachers are bilingual, which assists students who speak languages other than English, and we're happy to provide an I20 to students holding an F1 visa. Students from low-income families can apply for scholarships and other financial aid opportunities. Students with IEPs and learning challenges thrive in our Scholar’s Academy and many are eligible for the Family Empowerment Scholarship Unique Abilities (FES UA).


At our private secondary school, we believe a relationship with Christ is an essential part of a child's education. We offer this to students using several different methods. All of our students are required to study the Bible as a core subject, and it is integrated into our other classes as well. Community service, daily devotions, overnight retreats, and weekly chapels combine to enhance the academic curriculum and Christian faith. Unlike some other private high schools, we practice the Christian tenet of welcoming as many families as we can from every part of the world no matter their beliefs, religion or financial ability.